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Be Your Own Hero

Be Your Own Hero

I willing to bet that you have seen at least one Marvel movie! I’m not a huge comic-superhero- movie-going kinda girl but somehow I’ve managed to see all the Marvel movies. There’s something about these characters, learning how to use their special abilities to save the world, that I just cannot resist.

Some of my favorite Marvel characters? Iron Man (of course!), Storm, Hulk and Black Panther. To be honest, I think these characters are my favorite because I enjoy the actors more than the characters they play. Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man) has an amazing comeback story — from alcohol and drug addiction, prison and being basically unhireable as an actor, to becoming one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood is amazing.

But Halle Berry (Storm) is a real life hero (of mine anyway) because she has demonstrated the special ability of vulnerability, transparency and truth telling as she has disclosed that she deals with depression and has attempted suicide.

It absolutely takes a special ability to tell millions of people – in a world where perfection is not optional – that you are not only not perfect, but struggling and battling with a mental health disorder. Other heroes? – Jada Pinkett-Smith (Depression and Suicidality), Demi Lovato (Bipolar Disorder), Adele (Post-Partum Depression) and Gina Rodriguez (Anxiety).

You may disagree with me but I do consider them heroes in this aspect. Our culture, and our pride, forces us to hide, feel guilt or shame, believe that we are alone in our struggles and keep our mouths shut.

We may not be able to fly or travel through time, but we are able to tell the truth. So I encourage you to use that special ability. Be different. Be vulnerable. Be open. Be a hero and tell the truth about what is really going on in your life. You may be surprised, you may become your own hero.


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