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Play Therapy

What is Play Therapy?

Child Centered Play Therapy is for children ages 3-10 experiencing social, emotional, and behavioral issues.

Play therapy allows children to process challenging experiences and emotions through their natural form of communication – play.

Just as adults process our thoughts and emotions through our verbal language, children process through their play. While in the presence of a fully accepting, empathetic, and trusted therapist, children work through their issues in a way that brings long-term healing and ability to cope with difficulty.

Through this research-based technique and the therapeutic relationship, children develop confidence, resilience, decision-making, a sense of self, and peace for the future. Child-Centered Play Therapy, based on the person-centered therapy approach, results in improved behavior, outlook, mood, and social skills.

Each child is different and the number of sessions needed for each case is different. Reach out today to see if Child Centered Play Therapy is the right fit for your little one.

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